Do I need an accountant?

Keeping track of your expenses, income and taxes as a landlord can be exhausting. You may want to consider an accountant to help you out. Here are the main things that will help either you or your accountant to keep everything in order. Keeping track of your expenses: Over the course of a tenancy you [...]

What is self-managing?

Self-managing a property is when you look after everything to with your property: you find tenants and manage the ongoing tenancy without the aid of a high street lettings agency. Some people, particularly those with a buy-to-let in another part of the country from them, choose to pay an agent to supervise the day-to-day running [...]

Student housing

According to Paragon Mortgages, student lets typically outperform any other type of rental: landlords can expect to earn an average income of 6.45%, compared to 5.94% if you were renting to young professionals. Clearly, this is a potentially lucrative form of letting, but you need to do your homework to get it right. Here is [...]

Renting out a spare-room: what you need to know

According to a report by the Santander Bank, one in eight people with a spare room in the UK are now renting it out. With the demand for rental properties so high, the flat-share/spare-room market is thriving. Here’s what you need to know to make a success of it… 1. A tenant living in your [...]

Grounds for evicting your tenants

 Top Tips Your tenant has to be in arrears by at least 2 months before you can serve a notice If you want your property back after a tenancy, you need to serve the notice 2 months before it ends To evict your tenants, you must serve either a Section 8 or Section 21 [...]

HMOs: what you need to know

 According to the Government’s website, the definition of a House in Multiple Occupation -HMO for short - is, “if you let (or plan to let) to at least three tenants who form more than one household and who share (or will share) toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities”. Put simply, if you’re renting a property [...]

Are you spending too much as a landlord?

Inflation is high, VAT is up and costs in general are rising significantly. It’s a good time to take stock of what you’re spending as a landlord and make sure that you’re running as lean and agile an operation as possible. Do you really know exactly how much you’re spending every month? Reviewing your expenses [...]

Paris House Prices Play Catch Up With London, New York

Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns reports on property prices in Paris, which jumped 15.7 percent last year compared to an average 1.5 percent in the rest of France. Please click here for full details.

2010: That was the year that was for Landlords

Cast your mind back to the end of 2009, and what did you expect from this year? Back then, it really did seem like the worst was over, the recession was done and there were hints of a recovery on the cards. One year on, it’s quite obvious to anyone who is in the landlord [...]

Energy-efficient landlords save on tax

 With tenants now being given an EPC when they rent a new home, landlords need to start considering the energy efficiency of their rental property. Though it’s probably not yet at the top of a tenant’s shopping list, faced with two equally nice properties, energy efficiency can clinch you the deal. Heating your home isn’t [...]