Shopping for home insurance is a ‘sensible option’

Landlords and tenants may wish to switch their home insurance providers to save money, it has been advised.External affairs director for Equifax Neil Munroe said that this is a sensible option, rather than cutting out cover completely."Insurance is very important, but obviously it is difficult for people to realise this until they come to make [...]

Empty property ‘may not be covered by insurance’

Landlords should advise tenants who are thinking of leaving property vacant for more than one month to check their insurance policies.Sainsbury's Home Insurance has revealed that 36 per cent of policies will not cover a property that has been left empty for more than one month.This applies to tenants and homeowners who go on holiday [...]

AXA: Christmas shock if landlords fail to protect pipes

Landlords should protect property against burst pipes or possibly face thousands of pounds of damage, according to Axa Home Insurance. A OnePoll survey of 2,000 Britons in November found that a third of people will be away from home over the Christmas period, but only 8 per cent worry about burst pipes, Axa claims.This is [...]

Private landlords urged to focus on risk management

Risk management is a key issue for private landlords in the UK, it has been suggested.According to Malcolm Harrison, spokesperson for Let Insurance Services, rental insurance is the "number one part"of managing risk.He also indicated that it is important for landlords to gather good tenant references, although customers' individual circumstances can change once the [...]

Students ‘assume landlords will cover cost of theft’

Many students presume that they will be covered by their landlords' insurance policies if they are burgled when living in rented accommodation at university, according to Direct Line.The insurance company claims that those who have signed tenancy agreements with private landlords while they study "could be in for a shock"when they find out they [...]

Private landlords told not to cut back on cover

It is a "false economy"for private landlords to cut back on insurance because they could be liable for millions of pounds under public liability with regard to their properties.That is the view of Chris Horne, editor of Property Hawk website, who said that private rented sector professionals can shop around for the best deals [...]

Private landlords ‘concerned about rent’

Some 30 per cent of private landlords are worried that they will not receive rent from their tenants, according to insurance firm Direct Line for Business.And even though missing rent payment breaks the rules of a tenancy agreement, one in five landlords in the UK are concerned about their cash flow at the moment.The study [...]

Property prices rise again, says Halifax

Property prices in the UK increased by 0.8 per cent in August, according to Halifax's latest house price index.It is the fourth time in the first eight months of 2009 that there has been a rise in the value of bricks and mortar.And with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggesting "good news"for private [...]

Theft warning for student landlords’properties

Many private landlords will be getting students to sign tenancy agreements in the coming weeks, as the new university term gets underway.With this in mind, financial services firm Saga is warning students and their parents to be security conscious when choosing a place to live.Some of the guidance may be noteworthy to landlords, as it [...]

Landlord insurance concerns raised

A number of private landlords do not have adequate cover for their buy-to-let investments, it has been claimed.New research from Redbrick, a division of the Paragon Group of Companies, found that 67 per cent of people who rent out their homes professionally have specialist buildings cover.Another finding was that 12 per cent have combined legal [...]