Most rental investors in Manchester do not allow pets in their properties, a tenant has observed.

Kathryn Gill, a cat owner from Sale, has lived in rented accommodation with her pet for the last two years.

However, she told the Manchester Evening News that not many other landlords are willing to allow having an animal in the house.

As a result, she believes she is unlikely to move as finding a rental property where her cat can live is very difficult.

Ms Gill added that her landlady allows her to keep a pet in the house on the condition that she pays for any damage it caused.

But the cat has so far been well-behaved and neither the property owner or tenant have had problems.

"Millie's an eight-year-old house cat and she hasn't caused any damage to the property in the two years I've lived there,"Ms Gill commented.

This comes after a study by the Dogs Trust found that 78 per cent of people who own pets have had problems finding rented accommodation that allows animals.


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