I have great tenants and my property is safe thanks, I don’t need to talk about protection…do I?

You may feel that things are as right as rain with your property and your tenants at the moment, but you never know what life has in store. A fire, flood or malicious damage by your tenant could affect you at any time and could be a stressful and expensive experience, especially during the current economic climate.

It is sad but true that most people do not understand the importance of insurance until they have a claim. The insurance needs of a landlord are very specific and specialised. They are different from the needs of ordinary homeowners and are rarely met in full by standard home insurance policies. They are best met by a policy specifically designed to meet the needs of a landlord.

If you are a landlord here are some of the protections you should consider:


For a landlord of privately rented properties, the most important asset to insure is the property itself. This is your main investment and major damage to it could have crippling financial consequences. For example, the overall cost of a serious fire, including repair and refurbishment and inevitable loss of rental income will place a considerable financial strain on the landlord’s assets - from which it might be extremely difficult to recover. The perils insured are the standard ones found in most property insurances. They include such things as Fire, Storm, Malicious Damage, Theft, Burst Pipes and Escape of Water, Loss of Rent, Riot and Civil Commotion, and many others.


Most privately rented premises are let furnished. It is therefore important to insure the contents owned by the landlord. Remember, if you own the building, e.g. a converted house or a block of flats, it is important not to overlook furnishings in the common parts of the premises. Obviously, it is the responsibility of the tenant(s) themselves to arrange suitable cover for any contents that they own or keep at the premises. The perils included under the contents section of your policy are similar to those covered under the Buildings section.

Public Liability

The responsibility for loss or injury sustained by a third party resulting from the occupation of a building is, in law, a grey area. As the owner of a property there is always a likelihood that you could be dragged into legal action brought about by an injured party following an incident at the insured premises. The same is true even if you do not own the premises but are legally responsible, under the terms of your lease, for insuring the premises.

Employers Liability

If you always pay an independent agent, such as a letting agent, to ‘manage’your portfolio it is unlikely that you will need this type of insurance. However, if you ‘manage’your own portfolio and directly employ people in this management process you are legally obliged to take out this type of insurance. Remember, in civil law, self-employed people who carry out work for you and for no other, will almost certainly be considered as being your ‘employees’and you must insure them as such.


There are a number of factors that you should consider when deciding whether to take Terrorism cover, such as the location of your premises and the types of business in your immediate vicinity. Not all policies include loss or damage resulting from acts of terrorism so it is best to check if it is included.

If you are concerned that you may not have the right cover in force (or any cover at all for that matter!) then get in touch with us or visit our website for further information. Whether you are insured with Hamilton Fraser or not we will aim answer your questions and give you the best advice possible so that you can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that you have properly protected your investment.

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