Direct Line for Business offers landlord advice

Insurance provider Direct Line for Business has offered landlord advice as part of its research into the impact of flooding on property investors, sole traders and small businesses.Surveys were conducted among those groups, with the findings collated to issue the business guidance and landlord advice.Direct Line for Business found that, in three regions, more than [...]

Private landlords ‘must take insurance seriously’

As well as property tax, rental tax and other issues such as tenancy agreements, private landlords need to focus on insurance, it would seem.Let Insurance Services, a financial services provider that is part of, said that private landlords need to take the subject of insurance seriously.It has also given an insight into some of [...]

Proceed with caution, private landlords warned

Any would-be private landlord considering setting up tenancy agreements for their property has been urged to be careful.Price comparison website said that landlord insurance is a vital part of the whole renting process, which may be information particularly useful to those individuals not familiar with the buy-to-let sector.Indeed, various reports over the last few [...]

Insurance advice for property owners

Private landlords who have just purchased new property should ensure they have a detailed idea about the home they have bought ahead of seeking quotes for building and content insurance.That is the view of financial search engine, which has just released some guidance on ways to relieve the stress of buying a new property.Intricate [...]

Property owners issued with insurance warning

Having the right insurance is essential for property owners, including private landlords, who want to undertake home improvement projects on their bricks and mortar this bank holiday weekend.Extended periods of time off - like the forthcoming few days - often prompt homeowners to do a spot of DIY, and private landlords will be no different.They [...]

Are you fully protected?

ARE YOU FULLY PROTECTED? EDDIE HOOKER, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF HAMILTON FRASER INSURANCE, DISCUSSES THE TYPES OF COVER A LANDLORD SHOULD ALWAYS CONSIDER I have great tenants and my property is safe thanks, I don’t need to talk about protection…do I? You may feel that things are as right as rain with your property and your [...]

Hamilton Fraser launch new UK holiday home insurance

HAMILTON FRASER LAUNCH NEW UK HOLIDAY HOME INSURANCE Hamilton Fraser Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of their new UK holiday home insurance. Obtaining suitable insurance for your second home or holiday cottage in the UK can be difficult and expensive due to many factors such as being unoccupied for long periods, the risk [...]

Property management advice issued

Landlords should consider taking out insurance that covers them if their tenants have accidents in the home, it has been suggested.In general landlord advice, financial website MoneyWise claimed that one of the greatest financial risks a property owner faces is being sued for negligence by those who reside in their homes.Getting the right cover is [...]

Cannabis factories ‘an increasing problem for landlords’

The use of rental homes as cannabis factories by tenants is an increasing problem facing private landlords, warns the National Landlords Association (NLA).Some 29 police forces across the UK have reported "a sharp increase"in rented housing being used for cannabis production - a worrying issue for private landlords, said David Salusbury, chairman of the [...]

Private landlords advised to check properties regularly

Police have warned private landlords to check their properties to help tackle illegal activity among tenants.The warning comes after more than 1,500 cannabis plants have been seized by police in the Forest Heath district of Cambridge.Andy Smith, detective inspector for the East Anglia region's police force, wants landlords to assist police in tackling the growth [...]