Would-be renters have been advised on what action they should take prior to signing tenancy agreements and committing to a property in the private rented sector.

The Guardian's so-called Negotiator Marc Lockley has listed a number of things tenants should bear in mind before agreeing to any contract, which may make interesting reading for private landlords.

People searching for flats or houses to rent were told that they need to remain "keen but not committed".

"It is important not to give off too many positive signals when you are viewing,"Mr Lockley explained to renters, before adding that landlords should be made aware that they are not providing the only option for house hunters.

They were also reminded that initial meetings with private landlords are about establishing an element of trust within the relationship.

On the side of the landlord, groups representing the letting sector urge property professionals to undertake tenant credit checks and referencing prior to allowing them to stay in their homes.

Written by Claire Doyle

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