The editor of private landlord web portal LandlordZONE has said that those who rent out property have essentially been "guinea pigs"in a flawed social experiment in comments relating to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) scheme.

According to Tom Entwistle, the LHA set-up has been "expensive, well meaning but completely flawed".

The aim of the programme was for those on housing benefits to have the money paid into their own accounts so they could pass it on to the private landlords who they sign tenancy agreements with.

Since the initiative's inception, many landlords have complained that they do not receive the cash owed to them and have subsequently called for the money to be paid directly to them instead.

Mr Entwhistle said: "The idea was to make those in receipt of benefits more responsible citizens, but unfortunately ... some find this extremely difficult. In fact many tenants say they would actually prefer their rent to be paid direct."

Last week, the Conservatives indicated that they would provide this choice if elected into government next year - a move the website editor says he would "absolutely"welcome.

Written by John WeeksADNFCR-2002-ID-19426204-ADNFCR

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