An anti-social pair in Devon have broken their tenancy agreements, which has resulted in an eviction.

Simon Goy and David Johnson, who rented a flat together in Dawlish, have been linked to more than 180 crimes, as well as disrupting the local area, reports the Herald Express.

Teignbridge council suggested that they failed to pay their private landlord rent on a number of occasions and also showed threatening behaviour towards neighbours.

The situation highlights the importance of undertaking tenant credit checks prior to letting out a property to someone.

Next door neighbour Jane Thompson was happy that the pair were evicted and will no longer live on her street.

She told the publication: "It's absolutely wonderful, I can see them boarding up the flat. It's been absolute hell. You wonder what you are going to come home to."

Irish newspaper the Herald reported last week that a tenant failed to sue his private landlord after tripping over in the corridor of his Dublin residence.

Written by Claire Doyle

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