Tenancy agreements between private landlords and their customers can be broken in certain situations, according to a UK-based property portfolio management firm.

Young London suggests that landlords can allow those residing in their homes to go against the legislation and end the contract early - if the tenant is struggling to pay the landlord rent.

Difficulty paying rent is a circumstance that could be a more frequent feature of the lettings industry in the current economic climate.

According to the property company, it is likely that people living in rented accommodation could be among the millions of UK consumers who have lost their job during the credit crunch.

Explaining the issue regarding tenancy agreements, Young London said: "If the rent isn't being paid and your local letting market is fairly buoyant it may be worth allowing your tenant to leave so that you can let the property to a paying tenant."

It has been suggested by various industry organisations that demand for landlord services remains strong, even though property sales are starting to pick up after months of decline.

Written by Daniel Burgess

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