Private landlords who are new to the game have been given a number of pointers on what they should remember to do when letting out their properties.

Tenant credit checks are an important consideration, according to lettings agency Young's.

Industry website About Property reports the guidance, which includes the reminder that potential tenants should give their private landlords three months' worth of bank statements to prove they receive a regular salary.

These tenant credit checks will also ensure property owners can see if previous rent has been paid on a frequent basis, the company states.

Young's also indicates that landlords should chase employer's references by checking the company in question actually exists and the would-be tenant is a current employee.

Contacting the customer's previous private landlord will also give buy-to-let professionals the chance to get a clearer picture of a tenant's history.

Young's opted to provide the landlord advice as reports suggest more people are joining the lettings industry due to house prices dropping.

The advice comes as an increasing number of landlords have joined the lettings market as a result of property prices going down in the UK.

Written by Sarah Field

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