Students are paying their private landlords and other student accommodation providers an average of £77.20 a week in term time, new research has indicated.

According to Halifax, paying for a place to live is the biggest weekly outgoing for university-goers across the UK.

The equivalent study in 2008 found that students were spending an average of £74.70 every week on accommodation.

Private landlords in the east of England may be taking in more money from the average student, with the figures suggesting that lodgings cost an average of £98.30 per person per week in this part of the country.

Institutions such as the University of East Anglia provide potential tenants for property professionals in this region.

Halifax said that the average student's weekly term time living spend has grown by five per cent year-on-year, despite the majority of them saying that they have reduced their day-to-day spending due to the current economic environment.

Written by Mark Garner

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