There are a number of landlord rent concerns regarding the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) scheme, it has been suggested.

Vincenzo Rampulla, spokesperson for the National Landlords Association, said that the initiative is not widely supported by private landlords in the UK.

Citing research from the association, Mr Rampulla explained that 52 per cent of landlords would not - or would be less likely to - set up tenancy agreements with LHA tenants, while 43 per cent of property professionals who have used the scheme have indicated that they will stop doing so.

It would appear that there is uncertainty about landlord rent being paid in the current economic climate.

Indeed, various reports over the last few months have indicated that rental arrears have risen since the recession took hold in the UK.

Meanwhile, a further reflection on the LHA scheme from Mr Rampulla was that it has wasted "millions of pounds of taxpayers' money".

Written by John Weeks

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