A woman from Andover did not receive any landlord rent from a lodger she let into her home, it has been reported.

The Andover Advertiser states that Jemma Kiele lost out financially when her tenant - who was on housing benefit - did not pay her a penny during a three-month stay at her Tintagel Close residence.

Ms Kiele claimed that she was under the impression housing benefit had to be given straight to the landlord, but her tenant kept offering excuses why he was not able to make the payments.

Her situation comes after research has shown a number of private landlords are not keen on the new Local Housing Allowance scheme, which involves the benefit money being given to the tenant instead of straight to the property owner.

Indeed, spokesperson for the National Landlords Association Vincenzo Rampulla claimed earlier this month that the initiative is not widely backed by private landlords across the UK.

The Andover homeowner found out - only when it was too late - that action can be taken if it emerges that a tenant's housing benefit is not being used for rent.

"If you haven't had any rent for eight weeks go down to the council and then they can start putting the lodger's benefits straight into your account,"she told the newspaper.

Written by Claire Doyle

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