There are more issues to do with landlord rent arrears during times of recession, it has been suggested.

According to Ian Potter, operations manager at the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla), private landlords should consider taking out insurance policies that protect their rental income.

He also claims that it is important that tenants are protected during tough economic times such as those currently being witnessed in the UK.

"Rental arrears [are] more common during a recession as redundancies occur and tenants financial stability changes,"Mr Potter explained.

His comments follow research from Arla that indicated 28 per cent of private landlords have reported an increase in the number of tenants who are struggling to pay rent.

Earlier this week, the National Landlords Association reported that almost three-quarters of private landlords have experienced rental arrears in the past - and of those, 43 per cent witnessed such a scenario in the last 12 months.

Written by Mark Garner


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