Some 52 per cent of landlords questioned in a new survey said they would not let out their property - or would be less likely to do so - to Local Housing Scheme (LHS) tenants.

The landlord-tenancy research, courtesy of the National Landlords Association (NLA), also indicated that 43 per cent of those who have already used the system will be leaving the market due to uncertainties surrounding rent collection.

These findings come as the LHS reaches its first anniversary, having been implemented in April 2008. They also come in the week landlords and other property owners had to deal with the introduction of the new Gas Safe Register.

Commenting on the study, NLA director Richard Price said that a "more creative working relationship"between landlords and local councils is needed to help the initiative function in the way the government had planned it to.

"If landlords are opting out of this part of the market, where will these families go? The situation is now becoming very serious,"he remarked.

Written by Sarah Field

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