Despite widespread economic problems throughout the UK, most private landlords are dealing with the current climate.

That is the view of media relations manager at the National Landlords Association (NLA), Steve Hilton, who said that "the overwhelming bulk"of landlords are riding the recession in a "fairly stable way".

He suggested that there are around 1.4 million private landlords in the country, which means there will always be some problems.

"I would suspect that there are more than 3,000 tenancies operating on mortgages that are not strictly buy-to-let, but you will only know about those if those landlords come into problems,"the NLA representative explained.

Research agency BDRC reported this week that 30 per cent of private landlords experienced rental arrears in the second quarter of this year.

Some 38 per cent of landlords covered the cost of non-payment of rent from their tenants' deposit, which by law should be held in a government-led tenancy deposit scheme.

BDRC also indicated that 32 per cent of these landlords evicted their tenants as a result of the arrears.

Written by John Weeks

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