Paris House Prices Play Catch Up With London, New York

Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns reports on property prices in Paris, which jumped 15.7 percent last year compared to an average 1.5 percent in the rest of France. Please click here for full details.

Government stamp duty rules were ‘ill-advised’

Landlords may be interested in a response to a publication by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) on lending figures.Chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) Peter Bolton King said the government could have difficulties in justifying stamp duty rules if lending has dropped this month.A rise in mortgage lending was noted [...]

Young buyers ‘do not want’house price rise

Landlords may see more potential tenants, after it was claimed that even couples who are both on "decent"incomes are being priced out of buying a home for themselves.Spokesperson for Katy John said: "Because house prices are so high, many couples are finding that even on two decent incomes they are unable to afford [...]

Property to be bought ‘by 10% of landlords’in Q1

Landlords may be responsible for a surge in property purchases, following an announcement that one in ten landlords plans to invest in the first quarter of this year.Property portfolios will be expanded by ten per cent of landlords in this quarter, Paragon Mortgages' Trends research discovered.Landlords prefer terraced housing, with almost two-thirds stating that this [...]

New-build industry ‘not feeling truly confident’

Landlords and homeowners are being warned that issues are still affecting the house building industry, which mean it cannot yet "feel truly confident".Managing director of David Bexon said that decisive government action has not yet followed the strong performance of house building firms.He referred to an announcement by Barratt Developments, which revealed that the [...]

Interest rates ‘will not rise until 2011′

Landlords considering remortgaging their properties may be interested in claims that interest rates will not rise until 2011.Strategy, risk and economics director at Hometrack Gary Styles said that house purchase volumes have steadily grown recently, but mortgage activity has fallen.Businesses have decided to focus on house purchase lending for existing customers due to government targets, [...]

Landlords may see ‘better borrowing rates’

Landlords who are looking for mortgages may be interested in claims that borrowers are getting better rates.However, stated that this may be at the expense of savers, whose rates are being cut.Spokesperson at the company Michelle Slade said: "Providers must strike the right balance between savers and borrowers in order to maintain their balance [...]

House price rise ‘slowed in December’

Landlords may be affected by a slowdown in the rate of house price rise, which was today (January 12th) revealed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).It was reported that 30 per cent of surveyors said there had been a rise in house prices in December - down from the 35 per cent who [...]

Faith will return to mortgages ‘if banks declare debt’

Landlords who are seeking mortgages may have more faith in the market if banks declared their debts, it has been claimed.Katie Tucker, technical manager at mortgageforce, said that people might begin to trust lenders more if they knew exactly what bad assets were held."For new mortgages lent, we need a more uniform valuing system for [...]

SVRs rise ‘despite’unchanging interest rates

Landlords who are considering mortgage options may be interested in reports that eight lenders have increased their standard variable rates (SVRs) since April last released a report which said that the rise is in spite of a lack interest rates remaining at relatively low levels.But editor at WhatMortgage Ben Wilkie said this is not [...]