Selective buying could result in private landlords finding some real property bargains, according to an industry expert.

Tom Entwistle, editor of landlord information website LandlordZONE, has claimed that there will be some good deals available over the coming two-year period.

If private landlords have the resources available, then "selective buying of the right types of property"could bring positive results for investors, he stated.

However, before any purchase is made, an assessment of property type, location and initial yields needs to be conducted.

Those who already own property were also given landlord advice on how to make the most of their investments.

Mr Entwistle remarked: "There are many positives for the UK residential property market over the coming years, so landlords should hold on if they can, focusing on good tenancy management and income."

Both Halifax and Nationwide Building Society have found that property prices are moving upwards at present, although various property groups have warned that the value of UK homes has some way to rise before reaching the highs of two years ago.

Written by Sarah Field

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