There are more buy-to-let deals available on the market for private landlords and other investors than there were two months ago.

At least that is the assessment given by personal finance advice website, which indicated that the number of buy-to-let mortgage deals has grown from a record low of 179 in September to 239 today.

Mortgage availability is still at a much reduced level compared to the August 2007 peak, but it appears that the situation is improving.

Spokesperson for Michelle Slade said there have been "positive signs"in the buy-to-let mortgage market in the last few months, but private landlords are still finding it hard to secure a competitive deal.

Additionally, property prices across the UK have been rising consistently in 2009 - but the typical home is still down in value when compared with the peak of the market two years ago.

Indeed, Ms Slade remarked: "Many landlords' biggest problem in securing a competitive deal will be finding the deposit needed, as previous house price falls are likely to have eaten into the equity available in their portfolio."

Written by John Weeks

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