The buy-to-let sector has seen growth during November in some areas of the UK, according to the latest Agents' Summary of Business Conditions report from the Bank of England.

Published today (November 18th), the document stated that the housing market had witnessed a rise in activity. First-time buyers had been "scarce"in November, it noted, and transactions were at low levels compared to before the recession early last year.

This demonstrates the continued difficulties for potential buyers in finding mortgage finance for those without the means to be able to afford a significant deposit.

"Estate agents continued to describe the stock of houses for sale as small,"it added.

In October, landlords predicted that their property portfolio values would rise by an average of 0.8 per cent over the following 12 months, according to Paragon Mortgages. This is the first optimistic forecast that the company has reported in over two years.

Written by Claire Doyle

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