An MP from the north-west of England has said he wants tenants to have greater protection in the event of their private landlords defaulting on mortgages.

Dr Brian Iddon, who represents Labour in the Bolton South constituency, suggested that he believes in protecting people who lose their home "through no fault of their own".

He will use his place in a Private Members Bill ballot to launch legislation that will ensure tenants of private rented sector housing have at least two months' notice to leave their property if their landlord's residence is repossessed.

The politician said he wanted to take forward the Protection of Private Tenants (Mortgage Repossession) Bill.

"Given the limited time available in this truncated Parliamentary session, I am keen to bring in a bill that is relatively simple and that will command widespread support in the House,"he remarked.

Over the last few months, a number of private landlords have complained that the new Local Housing Allowance scheme, which sees housing benefit paid to the tenant rather than the property owner, has caused them financial problems.

Written by Claire Doyle

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