Affordability problems among first-time buyers could work to the advantage of rental investors, an expert has stated.

According to David Whittaker, head of a brokerage which specialises in the buy-to-let sector, many people in the UK cannot afford to get on the housing ladder.

This, he said, is leading to a surge in demand for rental accommodation, which he believes is positive news for investors who are struggling amid the credit crunch.

Indeed, Mr Whittaker stated that landlords who have bought multiple properties in the same postcode are especially likely to be suffering, because they have created a bubble in the market.

Speaking to BBC News, he commented: "What's potentially going to bale them out are the first-time buyers who can't buy themselves so are forcing rental demand up."

He added that the recent reduction in interest rates could also be a positive development for buy-to-let landlords.

The Bank of England recently decided to cut the cost of borrowing by 1.5 per cent to three per cent.

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