Borrowers of tracker buy-to-let mortgages could be laughing their way to the bank if the comments of one private landlord are anything to go by.

Robert Hughes from Weybridge, Surrey told the Times that his portfolio includes four homes which he bought using tracker mortgages.

This means he has seen his monthly repayments fall after the Bank of England has slashed the base rate from 5.75 per cent to a historic low of 0.5 per cent over the last 18 months.

"I don't want to appear smug, but this year I've raked it in,"the 43-year-old private landlord told the newspaper.

"I know that I am incredibly lucky,"he added.

Other buy-to-let mortgage borrowers have been less fortunate and are now under increasing pressure to meet their repayments.

Despite high tenant demand, the impact of the economic downturn is placing greater pressure on both tenants' incomes and the need to acquire tenancy agreements.

However, with more and more would-be property buyers switching to the private rented sector after failing to get a mortgage, industry groups are calling on the government to provide greater assistance to buy-to-let borrowers in recognition of the rental market's importance for the UK economy.ADNFCR-2002-ID-19061782-ADNFCR

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