Private landlords are among those often affected by Bank of England (BoE) policies - and they may be interested to hear comments from the institution's latest quarterly bulletin.

In the publication, the BoE revealed that, having already reduced interest rates to a record low of 0.5 per cent last month, it is looking at other ways of stimulating the markets.

Some £75 billion is being injected into the economy to try get the UK back on track.

"If policy responds sufficiently promptly and decisively employing the full range of conventional and unconventional monetary policy instruments, deflationary episodes should be short-lived,"the Bank stated.

The three main issues analysed in the bulletin were the potential consequences of deflation in the UK, an investigation into price-setting behaviour in the country and a look at global capital markets.

Economists have voiced their concerns that, if deflation takes hold, the UK's debt burden could inflate, which could in turn affect private landlords as real mortgage rates go up and prices drop.

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