A number of private landlords are investing in property for the long term, it has been suggested.

Ian Potter, operations manager at the Association of Residential Letting Agent (Arla), said that sometimes people are buying houses with a view to making the majority of their cash in up to 20 years' time.

Many private landlords are entering the buy-to-let market focusing on a five to 15-year plan, he added.

Explaining the current market situation, Mr Potter remarked: "Whilst there's an argument that property prices could still go down, there is an even stronger argument on supply and demand that property prices in the long term will go up."

His comments follow the release of the latest statistics from the Arla members' survey.

Research showed that there are a larger number of landlords purchasing more properties than they are selling. Mr Potter called the current participants in the market "serious investors".

Written by Daniel Burgess

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