Despite various changes to the buy-to-let market over the last 18 months, property can still to be a worthy investment, according to MoneyNet.

The financial website stated that private landlords with a less immediate view to making money can be successful in the current letting environment.

In a statement, the site said the sector is "almost unrecognisable"to what it was in September 2007, but buying property can still prove to be a "profitable medium to long-term form of investment".

Private landlords should be aware, it added, that there are "more realistic"financial limitations in place.

Indeed, it went on to say that instead of the 100 or so lenders buy-to-let landlords could choose from in 2007, there are now closer to 30 options available to them.

This announcement follows more general news about current lending patterns from the British Bankers' Association, which last week indicated that gross mortgage lending was down month-on-month in March.

Written by Daniel Burgess

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