Private landlords looking to boost the value of their properties before downgrading their portfolios should ensure their homes "stand out from the crowd".

That is the opinion of Homebuilding &Renovating magazine editor Jason Orme, who has suggested that there are a number of ways to raise property sales prices.

"Whether it's an extra bedroom or a loft that's half-converted, then it might [have a better chance of selling],"he explained, after indicating that location is still the key deciding factor in the price of a home.

His comments come after Nationwide Building Society revealed that renovating a typical property by adding ten per cent of floor space can increase its worth by five per cent.

This figure apparently rises to seven per cent when working with detached homes.

Mr Orme said that many homeowners are opting to improve their current living space, as opposed to buying new bricks and mortar during the recession.

Written by Mark Garner

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