Customers signing tenancy agreements and undergoing tenant credit checks are increasingly finding that the private landlords conducting these services are Australian, it would seem.

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics have indicated that more people from down under are choosing to live and work in the UK - and many of them have taken advantage of property price reductions over the last two years.

Martyn Gerrard, chairman of the National Association of Estate Agents north-west London division, told the Australian Daily Telegraph prices have now hit the bottom and suggested that property investors from across the world have shown interest in the British property market.

"The market has already started to pick up, showing signs of improvement and shown a lot of foreign interest in April/May not just from Australia but from other places (such as Japan and Europe as a whole),"he explained.

Other recent trends in the private rented sector - reported by various industry groups - include the increase in the number of homeowners opting to let out their properties rather than selling them for an unsuitable price.

Written by Claire Doyle

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