Empty property ‘may not be covered by insurance’

Landlords should advise tenants who are thinking of leaving property vacant for more than one month to check their insurance policies.Sainsbury's Home Insurance has revealed that 36 per cent of policies will not cover a property that has been left empty for more than one month.This applies to tenants and homeowners who go on holiday [...]

House price rise ‘slowed in December’

Landlords may be affected by a slowdown in the rate of house price rise, which was today (January 12th) revealed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics).It was reported that 30 per cent of surveyors said there had been a rise in house prices in December - down from the 35 per cent who [...]

Faith will return to mortgages ‘if banks declare debt’

Landlords who are seeking mortgages may have more faith in the market if banks declared their debts, it has been claimed.Katie Tucker, technical manager at mortgageforce, said that people might begin to trust lenders more if they knew exactly what bad assets were held."For new mortgages lent, we need a more uniform valuing system for [...]

SVRs rise ‘despite’unchanging interest rates

Landlords who are considering mortgage options may be interested in reports that eight lenders have increased their standard variable rates (SVRs) since April last year.Moneyfacts.co.uk released a report which said that the rise is in spite of a lack interest rates remaining at relatively low levels.But editor at WhatMortgage Ben Wilkie said this is not [...]

Property prices ‘will fall’

Landlords may be affected after it was predicted that property prices are due to fall over the next two years.Chief executive officer at Firstrung Paul Holmes said that it is necessary for values to drop if the housing market is to progress."From peak to trough we will see a fall of about 35 per cent,"[...]

‘Low level’of new builds in 2010

Landlords could see a knock-on effect after it was announced that this year will see low levels of new houses being built.Brian Berry, director of external affairs at the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), said that building figures last year reached an "all-time low".Government targets for 2009 were that 240,000 houses would be built - [...]

Financial squeeze ‘will put more property on market’

Landlords could expect to see an increase in the number of prime properties on the market this year - particularly so after the general election.Estate agent Prickett &Ellis has said that the prime property market will "go quiet"during the election months as is typical.People are busy worrying over the outcome of the event, [...]

Landlords and buyers ‘may see reduced mortgage margins’

Landlords could see smaller margins on mortgage products this year, if predictions from one mortgage broker are correct.The cost of money will not increase this year and interest rates are unlikely to go up, according to the chief operating officer at Alexander Hall, Andy Pratt.Mr Pratt said: "I can't see any reason for the margin [...]

Mortgage rates ‘could be set to rise’

Landlords could see an increase in mortgage rates during 2010, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.Commenting on the latest Bank of England mortgage approval figures, senior economist at the organisation Oliver Gilmartin said that increased rates could be creeping closer. "The more buoyant housing market allied to the pick up in economic activity, [...]

Rural property prices ‘shown particular resilience’

Landlords may consider investing in rural property after it was announced that the cost of prime country houses in the UK is increasing.Head of rural property research at Knight Frank Andrew Shirley said that a recovery in house prices was seen in London in spring 2009.This has now spread across the country into different regions [...]