The HM Revenue &Customs (HMRC) is not planning a tax crackdown or targeting private landlords with its measures, according to a spokesman for UK customs and tax department.

Manchester Confidential reported the comment following the issuance of around 500 letters to landlords and their agents over the last few weeks, seeking information about income declared on returns.

The website also indicated that one in five buy-to-let mortgages in the UK may have been declared in the wrong manner.

Landlord responsibilities include providing HMRC with correct information on property tax and earnings.

"The accountancy profession is being rightly cautious of this, and landlords are being urged to ensure all income is correctly shown on tax returns,"Manchester Confidential stated, before adding that many of the mistakes may have been made by those who are new to the industry.

Earlier this month, the Council of Mortgage Lenders indicated that there had been a slowdown in the decline of the number of buy-to-let mortgages being approved in the UK.

Written by John Weeks

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