Property tax has come into focus recently - and Property Investor News (Pin) magazine has added its opinion to the debate.

Richard Bowser, editor of the monthly publication, followed up recent calls from the British Property Federation (BPF) for stamp duty rules to be changed, by suggesting the current structure disadvantages investors from bulk buying.

The BPF urged the government to allow those investing in bricks and mortar to pay the stamp duty property tax on individual homes in bulk purchases. It is hoped chancellor Alistair Darling will take note ahead of next month's Budget speech.

"I'm slightly sceptical [the British Property Federation] is flying a kite but hopefully there is enough wind behind it so that it actually gets pushed through,"said Mr Bowser.

The Pin editor added that the current system, which sees investors disadvantaged by buying more than one property, "seems illogical".

Investors should be able to buy at a property tax level that is appropriate for that individual home, he explained.

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