Grounds for evicting your tenants

 Top Tips Your tenant has to be in arrears by at least 2 months before you can serve a notice If you want your property back after a tenancy, you need to serve the notice 2 months before it ends To evict your tenants, you must serve either a Section 8 or Section 21 [...]

NLA raised £500 for London charity

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has revealed the results of a fundraising project.Some £500 was raised for Thames21 - a waterways charity in the capital.Money was donated from NLA employees rather than them sending Christmas cards to each other and to clients last year. Chairman of the organisation David Salusbury said: "With our offices overlooking [...]

CML offers support for tenant protection bill

Tenants whose landlords have conventional mortgages are being supported by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), it has been revealed.According to the CML, some tenants rent property where a conventional residential mortgage has been purchased.Landlords may have chosen this option instead of a buy-to-let loan, which means that the tenants in the former properties are [...]

Civil litigation cost review revealed

Landlords and tenants who are involved in civil court cases may be affected by a change in the way cases are dealt with.Issues such as landlord and tenant action and personal injury claims are heard in civil court cases.Lord Justice Jackson today (January 15th) published his Review of Civil Litigation Costs, which examined the financial [...]

Landlords are ‘equally at risk’of squatters

Landlords who have vacant properties should beware of squatters, it has been reported.Aviva advised today (January 14th) that landlords should ensure that they have the correct legal expenses cover incase squatters enter their property.Underwriting manager for the company Mike Colmans said: "Although squatting is more prevalent in domestic properties, landlords and commercial property owners with [...]

Private landlords ‘concerned about regulation’

Private landlords are most concerned about regulation than other issues, it has been revealed.Landlords were polled by Paragon Mortgages, who found that 58 per cent were worried about the rules on how they must run their businesses this year.Some 50 Acts of Parliament have already governed landlords in the past and there may be more, [...]

‘Landlords and tenants benefit’from government repossession action

Landlords may be affected by a government crackdown to stop mortgage lenders from repossessing a borrower's property without a court order.The Ministry of Justice today announced the proposals, which said homeowners will be entitled to court protections when faced with repossession.Currently a legal loophole exists meaning lenders have the right to sell an owner-occupied residential [...]

Countryside property owners ‘at higher risk of crime’

People who own homes in the country are at an increased risk of crime, according to a report.Halifax Home Insurance's Latch-Key Index said that many countryside homeowners are over-confident about the security of their property.Approximately one-third of them leave their doors unlocked most days of the week, it indicated. Some 70 per cent of the [...]

NLA: 2009 was a challenging year for landlords

The National Landlord Association's (NLA) chairman has said that the past year has been challenging for landlords but "the role of the private rented sector has been recognised as increasingly important". Commenting on 2009, chairman of the NLA David Salusbury claimed that landlords have been called upon to provide accommodation as a result of the [...]

Landlord fined £1,000 for ‘sub-standard property’

A landlord whose property had rotten windows and damp has been fined £1,000.John Russell appeared at St Helens Magistrates Court on December 17th and pleaded guilty to a level 5 offence of non compliance with a Housing Act Improvement Notice, according to health officers from the local council had inspected the house in October [...]