Civil litigation cost review revealed

Landlords and tenants who are involved in civil court cases may be affected by a change in the way cases are dealt with.Issues such as landlord and tenant action and personal injury claims are heard in civil court cases.Lord Justice Jackson today (January 15th) published his Review of Civil Litigation Costs, which examined the financial [...]

Landlord fined £1,000 for ‘sub-standard property’

A landlord whose property had rotten windows and damp has been fined £1,000.John Russell appeared at St Helens Magistrates Court on December 17th and pleaded guilty to a level 5 offence of non compliance with a Housing Act Improvement Notice, according to health officers from the local council had inspected the house in October [...]

Private landlords of ‘slum’properties under scrutiny

A new scheme has been launched in east London that aims to name and shame the private landlords who are renting out 'slum' properties.The East London Advertiser reports that there are a number of landlords and property agents failing the families living in this part of the capital.Campaigners in the region will be developing a [...]

BPF call for buy-to-let regulation ‘a limited view’

The British Property Federation's (BPF) call for further Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulation of the buy-to-let mortgage market has been described as "a limited view".David Whittaker, managing director of industry experts Mortgages for Business, said the BPF has inferred that professional landlords are all funded by banks, which would mean they are suffering in the [...]

East London private landlord fined

A property owner in East London has been fined after he was found guilty of not following his landlord responsibilities.Bartholomew Akuwudike was made to pay £6,000 after being prosecuted by Newham Council for endangering tenants' lives through dormant smoke alarms and a hazardous flight of stairs, reports the Newham Recorder.The 51-year-old from East Ham failed [...]

Landlords told: Stop tenants littering

Landlords in Swindon are being urged to take steps to prevent tenants from dumping rubbish as part of a council clean-up operation.Residents in the Broadgreen area have expressed concerns over the amount of discarded waste in the region, with short-term renters believed to be among the main culprits, the Swindon Advertiser reports.Swindon Council is therefore [...]

Quality of flats ‘among landlord responsibilities’

Landlord responsibilities include an obligation to maintain a good quality of accommodation, according to Wandsworth planning officials.Authorities in the London borough took action on July 14th against a residence recently converted from one house into two flats.They explain that landlord responsibilities include the need to maintain dwellings above a certain floor area size when converting [...]

Landlords rights ‘complex’in squatting cases

Squatters pose a complex problem for landlords rights, reports the Daily Mail.The publication explains that it is not technically illegal to occupy somebody else's property, as long as no damage is caused in gaining entry.However, this throws some doubt on to landlords rights if squatters do take occupancy of their property.Elizabeth Brogan, senior policy officer [...]

Landlord incident shows importance of tenant credit checks

An incident in County Cork, Ireland will perhaps emphasise to private landlords the importance of tenant credit checks.The Corkman reports that a 21-year-old woman from Fermoy was recently arrested after getting into a row with the owner of her rental property.Exchanges got so heated that the lady in question, Georgina O'Mahoney, apparently threatened to blow [...]

Sunderland’s private landlords ‘must shape up or ship out’

Rogue and absent private landlords in the north-east of England have been told to "get out or improve their game".Stephen Croft, housing and development manager at Sunderland-based regeneration agency Back on the Map, has launched a project to make the city's private rented sector better.There will be 60 houses renovated in the east end of [...]