Landlords have been encouraged to make sure there are no ambiguities in their tenancy agreements.

According to learnletting, the terms of any tenancy agreement includes technical jargon such as administration costs, stakeholder and deposit.

Therefore, the organisation has recommended that buy-to-let property owners make sure these terms are clearly explained to anyone planning to live in their homes.

Paul Farndon, property management consultant at learnletting, commented: "It might seem obvious to you but it might not be obvious to the tenants."

He said that a full explanation of exactly what these various terms mean could be very useful.

Mr Farndon added that landlords should also bear in mind that tenancy agreements will be different depending on what sort of person they are taking on.

According to a recent study by, more than one in three disputes between landlords and tenants concern cleaning costs, while one in ten were because of damage to the property.

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