Tenants in Scottish property are generally happy with their private landlords, according to new research.

An analysis of landlord services north of the border found that 85 per cent of people living in rented accommodation were either "very satisfied"or "fairly satisfied"with their situation.

The Scottish government's study focused on tenants' opinions of their place of residence and individual landlords.

David Kendall from the National Landlords Association Scotland remarked: "It is quite clear from this latest government study that the private-rented sector in Scotland is flourishing."

Indeed, levels of satisfaction in Scotland were "a little higher"than those reported south of the border, he stated.

Some landlord responsibilities not being undertaken adequately were reported to be related to tenants' deposits and slow reaction to repair requests.

This landlord tenancy research was announced during yesterday's Scottish Association of Landlords major conference and exhibition in Edinburgh.

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