A private landlord from the south-east coast has been jailed after failing to follow his landlord responsibilities.

Christopher Mincham, who owned a property on Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, was arrested last week and sentenced to 12 months behind bars.

Local publication the News reports that his misdemeanours included failing to pay two fines - £16,000 for fly tipping, and £4,000 for letting out a home which was deemed to be a fire hazard.

Councillor David Collins, who is responsible for environmental issues at Havant borough council, said: "The council has come into conflict with him in the way he acts as a landlord, the way he fails to properly maintain his properties, and the way he fails to pay the bills he is required to make."

Mr Mincham, who is 48 years old, will no longer have to pay the fines, but is expected to serve at least six months of his prison term.

Earlier this month, a private landlord from Bolton was fined £6,895 by Salford city council for letting out a low-standard property.

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