The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) "will not hesitate to prosecute"private landlords who do not take their property management responsibilities seriously, according to an inspector from the regulatory body.

Discussing one of the most important landlord services, Matthew Tackling said that any property owner who does not follow gas safety legislation properly could find themselves in legal trouble.

Mr Tackling also claimed that the HSE will "follow up on those who fail to co-operate with any investigation or fail to appear in court".

Gas safety has been a hot topic for landlords in recent weeks due to introduction of the new Gas Safe Register on April 1st.

Private landlords across the UK have been able to attend workshops to find out what the new legislation involves after it replaced the long-running Corgi-registered scheme.

The idea behind the change was to raise awareness of gas safety in the UK, as well as clamp down on the number of unregistered gas workers in the country.

Written by Daniel Burgess


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