People need to report private landlords who do not meet their landlord responsibilities, according to one property market commentator.

Independent housing sector expert Malcolm Harrison suggested that if the people mismanaging properties are going to be found, tenants need to speak up.

His comments come after the government proposed establishing a landlords' register, which it claimed would help the sector meet the required standards.

But Mr Harrison is unsure of its worth and thinks that tenants themselves must draw attention to unscrupulous landlords if positive change is to occur.

"By the nature of things it tends to be that the [people who are] most vulnerable [to landlords] are the least articulate,"he explained.

"They are not going to go and report it. They may be frightened to, not know if they can, or don't know what should be provided for them."

It is a "very difficult problem", Mr Harrison continued, and a £50 landlord register fee will not uncover the bad property owners in the UK.

Written by John Weeks

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