Squatters pose a complex problem for landlords rights, reports the Daily Mail.

The publication explains that it is not technically illegal to occupy somebody else's property, as long as no damage is caused in gaining entry.

However, this throws some doubt on to landlords rights if squatters do take occupancy of their property.

Elizabeth Brogan, senior policy officer at the National Landlords Association, tells the news provider: "Squatters don't have all the rights, but they know the ones they do have and will use them."

"It is a very tricky legal situation,"she adds.

She warns landlords that they could find any action they take - however reasonable it may appear - puts them "on the wrong side of the law".

The comments follow a case reported by the Daily Mail in which a couple asked to rent a number of properties over the course of 18 months but then refused to pay utility bills or rent.

Written by John WeeksADNFCR-2002-ID-19272110-ADNFCR

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