There are some "unscrupulous"private landlords in the UK, who are letting out property without permission from lenders, according to a barrister at Tanfield Chambers.

Responding to a reader's question in the Times, the expert said that private landlords often take out residential mortgages, as opposed to the "more expensive"loans designed for professionals.

When lenders find out that individuals are not following landlord law in this way, they can repossess the property in question and ask tenants to leave accordingly.

This response from the barrister came after a reader revealed that her daughter was asked to leave her rental property after receiving a letter from the landlord's mortgage lender explaining that the home was being rented out illegally.

A tenancy deposit scheme was recently introduced in England, which safeguards tenants' initial outlay when renting. Following the success of the initiative, industry associations have called on a similar scheme to be rolled out in Scotland.

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