CML offers support for tenant protection bill

Tenants whose landlords have conventional mortgages are being supported by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), it has been revealed.According to the CML, some tenants rent property where a conventional residential mortgage has been purchased.Landlords may have chosen this option instead of a buy-to-let loan, which means that the tenants in the former properties are [...]

Landlords are ‘equally at risk’of squatters

Landlords who have vacant properties should beware of squatters, it has been reported.Aviva advised today (January 14th) that landlords should ensure that they have the correct legal expenses cover incase squatters enter their property.Underwriting manager for the company Mike Colmans said: "Although squatting is more prevalent in domestic properties, landlords and commercial property owners with [...]

Private landlords ‘concerned about regulation’

Private landlords are most concerned about regulation than other issues, it has been revealed.Landlords were polled by Paragon Mortgages, who found that 58 per cent were worried about the rules on how they must run their businesses this year.Some 50 Acts of Parliament have already governed landlords in the past and there may be more, [...]

‘Landlords and tenants benefit’from government repossession action

Landlords may be affected by a government crackdown to stop mortgage lenders from repossessing a borrower's property without a court order.The Ministry of Justice today announced the proposals, which said homeowners will be entitled to court protections when faced with repossession.Currently a legal loophole exists meaning lenders have the right to sell an owner-occupied residential [...]

Countryside property owners ‘at higher risk of crime’

People who own homes in the country are at an increased risk of crime, according to a report.Halifax Home Insurance's Latch-Key Index said that many countryside homeowners are over-confident about the security of their property.Approximately one-third of them leave their doors unlocked most days of the week, it indicated. Some 70 per cent of the [...]

NLA: Landlords could see end of unpaid water bills

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has welcomed recommendations from the Walker Review of Charging for Water which could benefit landlords.Unsuspecting landlords would no longer receive water bills which tenants have failed to pay if the recommendations are enforced, said the NLA's public affairs officer, Vincenzo Rampulla.Working alongside the government, the NLA has ensured that the [...]

Newham leads the way in landlord licensing

Newham Council is leading the way in regard to private landlord licensing in London.The Evening Standard reports that those who wish to rent out property in this part of east London must purchase a licence prior to establishing tenancy agreements with their customers.Private landlords who are found to be renting out homes without the relevant [...]

Austin: Landlord legislation must be right

It is important that the government gets landlord legal issues right, rather than rushing through new regulations.That is the view of Ian Austin MP, who was commenting at the National Landlords Association National Conference on Friday November 20th.Mr Austin, who has been parliamentary under secretary of state for housing since June 2009 and holds responsibility [...]

Private landlord’s credit card used fraudulently

A court case in Southend may prompt private landlords to take more care over their personal details.The Essex Echo reports that Gerard Parsad, a teacher from the south-east coastal town, has been found guilty of four counts of fraud by false representation - as well as one count of forgery - after he used his [...]

Landlord licensing scheme ‘under consideration’in Wales

A new licensing scheme currently being considered in Wales could help to improve the quality of rented accommodation in Cardiff.The South Wales Echo reported that a new consultation exercise is currently underway in the Welsh city. Under the proposals, all rental properties with three or more people living in them would require a licence as [...]