When private landlords evict customers and end their tenancy agreements early, respective local authorities must hear about it.

That is the requirement being emphasised to landlords in Scotland so that councils can keep a check on the number of people becoming homeless as a result of eviction from a property, reports the East Lothian Courier.

East Lothian council has urged local property professionals to follow section 11 of the Homelessness (Scotland) Act 2003, which dictates that landlords and creditors must inform councils if they raise proceedings for possession of a property or serve certain notices related to mortgages.

Stuart Currie, cabinet member for housing and community services at the local authority, said: "It's important that the legislation compels landlords and creditors to inform us of cases at an early stage in proceedings."

This gives staff more time to work with those involved and find ways to deal with the situation before it becomes unmanageable, he added.

Shelter is one charity that works to improve the homelessness situation in the UK. It believes that every council should have a tenancy sustainment service to help vulnerable people remain in their homes.

Written by John Weeks

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