A private landlord's property in Brentford has been uncovered as a drugs den.

The Hounslow Guardian reports that two teenage brothers were found growing cannabis with a street value of £5,000.

Both boys were Vietnamese and aged 15 and 13 - making them two of the youngest individuals in the UK to be arrested for drug production.

Around 200 cannabis plants were found after neighbours complained that a strange smell was emanating from the property.

A Hounslow police spokesman told the newspaper that it was effectively a professional operation "not some students growing it for a science project or a few kids growing it for a party".

He added that the older boy gave a guilty verdict in court and has now been sentenced - the private landlord was not responsible in any way.

Over the last 12 months, the National Landlords Association has issued a number of warnings to private landlords about cannabis factories.

As well as conducting tenant credit checks and referencing prior to agreeing a tenancy agreement, those in the private rented sector are urged to maintain regular visits of their properties to ensure everything is in order.

Written by John Weeks


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