Landlord legal advice can be sought at the forthcoming National Landlords Association (NLA) National Conference.

Birmingham's Holiday Inn will host the event between November 20th and 21st - and attendees will have the opportunity to find out about what they can do when things go wrong with their business.

A so-called breakout session on the second day of the conference will allow professionals to discuss topics surrounding possession proceedings, among other landlord legal issues.

The NLA states: "When things go wrong it can be a stressful and expensive business, especially if rent arrears are building up or you are dealing with a difficult tenant."

Mary Latham, portfolio landlord and NLA trainer regional representative, will be conducting the special session. She has been a landlord for over 30 years and has been a member of the association for the last 15.

The expert will talk about the court process and how to serve notice appropriately, as well as what to do if a tenant abandons a property or dies during the tenancy agreement period.

Written by John Weeks


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