A court case in Southend may prompt private landlords to take more care over their personal details.

The Essex Echo reports that Gerard Parsad, a teacher from the south-east coastal town, has been found guilty of four counts of fraud by false representation - as well as one count of forgery - after he used his landlord's financial details unscrupulously.

Mr Parsad conned his private landlord Peter Jones out of £3,276 by using his credit card to help with debt problems.

The 46-year-old defendant even tried to pay his landlord rent with the credit card, but was caught out.

Michael Fraser, prosecuting, told jurors that the incident occurred after Mr Parsad lost his job.

"He owed money for a BT bill, he owed money for rent and he owed money for a car. He had an opportunity to pay off those debts and he took it,"Mr Fraser added.

Tenants are often told to ensure they keep everyone updated when they move from one rented property to another, as misdirected post can often find its way into the wrong hands and result in cases of fraud.

Written by John Weeks

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