Firefighters in north-east Scotland have announced a clampdown on landlords who let out dangerous properties.

Officials in Aberdeenshire have expressed concerns that some buy-to-let property owners are violating safety regulations in an attempt to get as many tenants as possible.

Therefore, fire crews will be checking for possible clues that a house is overcrowded, such as the amount of rubbish left outside small properties.

Gordon Gray of Grampian Fire Rescue commented: "So far the scheme has been a partial success.

"We've been encouraged by a slight rise in the amount of people applying for a multiple occupancy homes licence."

Speaking to the Press and Journal, he added that while most landlords are operating within the law, there are "plenty out there"who do not.

This follows a warning from Liverpool city council that it will take action against any landlord who is found to not be complying with every legal requirement.


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