Landlords in Wales have been urged to make sure they comply with existing housing regulations.

According to Denbighshire County Council, more than 200 inspections of rental properties in the region were carried out last year following various complaints.

This led to five landlords being successfully prosecuted for violating the law.

The authority has warned rental property owners to be aware of these cases if they are also acting against regulations.

Councillor David Thomas commented: "The council and its partners simply will not tolerate landlords who avoid the health, safety and wellbeing responsibilities of their tenants."

He added that the authority will take action to ensure that people are able to live in adequate and suitable properties which comply with health and safety requirements.

This comes after Denbighshire Council encouraged rental property owners to join the Landlord Accreditation Wales Scheme, an official certification for those who have not breached a code of conduct.

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