A private landlord couple from Dublin have escaped being sued after a High Court judge rejected a case against them from their tenant.

The Herald reports that Robert and Treasa Falconer were found not guilty of causing an accident in their flat rented by Adil Essalhi.

Mr Essalhi started the landlord legal case after he suffered an injury to his foot when he allegedly tripped over a table "and other debris"in the property's corridor. The 28-year-old also suggested that the accident resulted in a compound fracture to his ankle, which has led to arthritis.

Judge Peter Charleton said that his case for not credible and suggested that he found it hard to believe that the nature of his problem could have been caused by a trip in the corridor.

Last month, The News reported that landlord Christopher Mincham, who owned a property on Hayling Island near Portsmouth, was sent to prison after failing to follow his landlord responsibilities. He did not pay two fly tipping fines to the local council.

Written by Daniel Burgess

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