Landlord law is generally against the person who owns the property, according to one of London's most recognisable landlords.

Sir Stirling Moss, who owns 43 buy-to-let homes in the capital, but is probably best known for his career as one of Britain's most famous racing drivers, told the Independent that the tenant is often safeguarded, but not the landlord.

He explained: "If there is any law, it is certain to be against you, rather than for you. The law in this country is not very helpful to good landlords."

"There are people who have been living in my properties since the [1970s] but I can't get rid of them,"Sir Stirling added.

Moss will be one of the thousands of London landlords waiting to see if chancellor Alistair Darling makes any announcements that directly affect property owners during his Budget speech on Wednesday.

Written by Sarah Field

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