With many tenants in rental property likely to be struggling to pay what they owe on time as the economic crisis takes its toll, Young London has issued a statement highlighting landlords' rights.

The property portfolio management group has indicated that landlord legal action can be taken if rent is not paid - but this should be a "last resort".

According to the firm, there are a number of issues that should be considered if this route is chosen.

Young London said: "As soon as your tenant goes into arrears (14 days after the due date) make sure you speak to your local landlords' association or seek specialist legal advice to explore all the options available."

Private landlords should be aware that any arrears incurred by taking legal action will have to be paid by them and cannot be recovered from the tenants involved in the landlord law case.

The National Landlords Association holds more information on the matter for any property owners who find themselves in this predicament.

Written by John Weeks

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